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Here are a few talks that students have loved.

A new career in tech can be intimidating and confusing without knowing what to expect. This presentation provides helpful insights into the average day in the life of a software engineer. Gain a deeper understanding of a developer's work life, learn what to expect, and discover how different companies impact your daily life.

It's hard to know what belongs in your portfolio and it's uncertain what potential employers want to see from our work. This presentation outlines the elements of an excellent portfolio that will stand out from other candidates and make your online persona shine! Employers struggle to pick the best candidate, so grab every advantage you can with a portfolio that highlights your best.

Most people in tech have side hustles. Some do them for more income, some for experience, and some purely for fun.

Getting a great job can take more time, effort, and headaches than you were prepared for. This presentation gives you the upper hand in the interview process and reduces the time needed to make your job a reality. Learn what most people forget during the interview process and walk away with 10 techniques that allow yourself to shine.

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