Free Downloadable: Job Application Tracking Spreadsheet

Free Downloadable: Job Application Tracking

Early in your career you will need to apply to a lot of opportunities to get your first job. If you don’t need a spreadsheet to track the volume of jobs you’ve applied to, you probably aren't applying to enough.  Getting a job is a numbers game. Managing attempts and progress is helpful, but the spreadsheet is not the important part. It’s about quantity. The amount of activity should exceed your ability to remember it all otherwise it’s unlikely you are giving yourself a fighting chance.

We've created a free, simple Job Application Tracking Spreadsheet. There is nothing magical about our spreadsheet, but we have outlined the basic. Free free to copy and modify it to meet you needs.

When applying for jobs, you should go broad. Work to fill out your spreadsheet. There isn't a perfect number but it's not uncommon for people to apply to 40-50 jobs. It's a lot but fortunately you only need 1 to workout. Wherever possible, apply directly through the company's website or preferred channel. Hiring managers might look at applications through a rollup service like Indeed or Ziprecruiter, but the information about applicants can be too limited or lack desired information.

As you cast a wide net, look for 20% of the roles to focus on more intently. Spend extra time navigating social channels and engaging their content. Connect with people at the companies wherever they frequent online. Build unique portfolio pieces that reflect your interest in their organization. Film custom introduction videos and send them to team members at the business. The combination of broad and deep ensures you’ve invested enough attention.

Happy job hunting!

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