Contributors and Acknowledgements from Code School Book

Contributors and Acknowledgements from Code School Book

First and foremost, we’d like to acknowledge our wives. Steph and Meg took a chance on us long before our careers were formed. Their patience and support continue to be a primary reason we are able to live our passions and interests. They endure all forms of scheming, ideation, and curiosity, for which we are grateful.

Next, we must shout out Emily Buchanan. This book project would not have happened without the steady pressure she applied. It must have seemed like herding cats. Not only did she bring order to the chaos, she graciously weathered our ignorance. Emily made sure our thoughts were discernible to newcomers and we made regular progress.

Over the course of this book and our experiences that shaped it, there have been numerous individuals who inspired us along the way. Many even directly contributed thoughts, feedback, and their own lived experiences to ensure this book provided a well-rounded perspective. We are forever grateful to the depth and breadth added by dozens of other voices. We do not have all the answers, but we are fortunate to have a strong network of others who care:

Alicia Barrett
Amelia Schulz
Annie Liew
Bethaney Wilkinson
Blanca Catalina Garcia
Brandon McLean
Brenton Strine
Brit Butler
Carlos Gonzalez
Charlton Cunningham
Cherie Lum
Chris Chancey
Clay Cribbs
Craig Rodrigues
Daniel McBrayer
DeeAnn Kendrick
Dominique Bashizi
Geraldine Galue
Glen Stovall
Imani Oliver
Jason Ardell
Jason Cambell
Jess Swart
Jessica Mitsch
Joey Womack
John Saddington
John Rae
Kathya Acuña
Katie Bautista
Katie Watford
Kelly Leonard
Kevin Maldau
Kristina (Kristina Smith) Newton
Kurt Illian
Peter Barth
Lindsey Owings
Loren Norman
Martin Parets
Nerando Johnson
Nate Washington
Paige Niedringhaus
Princess Sampson
Riaz Virani
Richard Simms
Rose Lake
Sam Kapila
Shane Ardell
Stefanie M. Jewett
Terrance Jackson
Tobias Wright
Toby Ho
Toni Warren
Troy Wilson
Tun Khine
Usman Shahid
Vi Pham