Code School Talks from Morgan Lopes

Code School Talks from Morgan Lopes

I gave my first tech talk to a code school cohort in 2014. Since then, I've been working to refine a library of live presentations. My goal is to provide engaging, actionable content that helps early-stage engineers at key parts of their journey.

Over the years, I've delivered the following talks dozens of times:

  • A Day in the Life of a Developer
  • Hack the Interview Process
  • Build a Better Personal Portfolio
  • Soft Skills for Software Developers

If you're interested in one of these talks, reach out or attend an upcoming meetup.

A Day in the Life of a Developer

What is daily life like on the job as a developer?

A new career in tech can be intimidating and confusing without knowing what to expect. This presentation provides helpful insights into the average day in the life of a software engineer. Gain a deeper understanding of a developer's work life, learn what to expect, and discover how different companies impact your daily life.

Covering his experience from self-taught software engineer to hiring manager and tech executive, Morgan Lopes offers practical insights and advice on things like:

  1. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.
  2. How business types impacts your work-life.
  3. Ways to make money in tech.
  4. The potential career paths.
  5. Tools of the trade.

Come ready to learn, interact, and take the next step in your career.


"I enjoyed the life lessons. Walking through his exp on his team and how they look at SDE profiles (github green boxes, pull requests, and not so much about the piece of paper they have from a fancy school)."
"Morgan perfectly explained the  current career trends, how to properly prepare for job interviews and make a good impression."

Downloadable Assets:

How to Hack the Interview Process

How can you stand out from other applicants, even without as much experience?

Getting a great job can take more time, effort, and headaches than you were prepared for. This presentation gives you the upper hand in the interview process and reduces the time needed to make your job a reality. Learn what most people forget during the interview process and walk away with 10 techniques that allow yourself to shine.

10 Techniques to increase your odds of landing your first job.

A seasoned hiring manager at a variety of companies, Morgan Lopes cover tips and strategies to increase your odds of finding a successful job in tech, with topics such as:

  • Stand out from other candidates.
  • Make a great impression.
  • Find your habits and rituals.
  • Choose the right type of company
  • Offer negotiation

Come ready to learn, interact, and improve your chances during the interview process.


"I loved the very real to life approach you gave to each point"
"Everything was really helpful and awesome. It was the time for me to reframe and clear my thoughts in a confusing time. Sharing own experience was the most useful part I would say."

Downloadable Assets:

Build a Better Personal Portfolio

What makes a compelling portfolio for hiring managers?

It's hard to know what belongs in your portfolio and it's uncertain what potential employers want to see from our work. This presentation outlines the elements of an excellent portfolio that will stand out from other candidates and make your online persona shine! Employers struggle to pick the best candidate, so grab every advantage you can with a portfolio that highlights your best.

Reviewing thousands of applicants and interviewing hundreds of candidates, Morgan Lopes has learned a thing or two about what makes a compelling portfolio. A few small details separate the best candidates from those at the back of the time, covering topics like:

  • Resumes vs portfolios
  • Increase your online exposure.
  • Investing in portfolio items.
  • Free tools to improve quality.
  • Quick changes to increase your exposure.

Come ready to rethink your portfolio and invest in meaningful improvements to make yourself more marketable to potential employers.


"These were SUPER valuable insights that I didn't get from my bootcamp's job search curriculum."
"Easy to understand examples and helpful resources."
"I appreciated the tips on what people may expect from your personal brochure page."
"Useful examples, links, it was a very polished and thorough presentation."

Downloadable Assets:

Soft Skills for Software Developers

What are the most important skills for a software developer?

Programming abilities alone are not enough to get hired and sustain a lasting career within tech. This presentation highlights the important, undervalued traits that set excellent software engineers apart from the average. Even those who struggle with coding concepts can differentiate themselves by leaning into the skills accessible to everyone.

Considering himself an underdog, Morgan Lopes has participated in tech roles from software engineer to Chief Technology Officer. Along the way, he took note of how people truly stand out as developers. You'll hear about:

  • Improve your communication.
  • How to bounce back from mistakes.
  • Manage your time to accelerate personal growth.
  • Key habits of top professionals
  • Lean into your strengths.

Prepare to explore a side of tech skills that goes much deeper than code. Join us for fresh insight into how professionals balance efficiency and empathy.


"Morgan's enthusiasm and positivity, along with the great advice on networking and helping others."
"I've always been skeptical regarding talks like this. I have a partner who have been in the field for over 13 years and knowing how the industry works is really frustrating when you hear the teachers sugar coat it or straight up lie or are clueless with their inexperience. Thank you for relating to us as students with untraditional backgrounds and showing us that success is possible."

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